3D render, MWS Marconi

MWS Marconi is the innovative histological table produced with patented IVD-R certified system.

render 3d laterale MWS Marconi

Innovation in the
histological field.

Centralization of tools

All the auxiliary instruments to the microtomy process are grouped in a single management, with the centralization of all the information of the process in REAL TIME.

Centralization of alarms

Anomaly and warning alarms, the software isolates and indicates the origin of the anomalies.

Teleassistance 4.0

Remote diagnosis of the machine and intervention on the software to correct in a timely manner any anomalies and problems

Order Management

Marconi manages a bidirectional exchange of the orders; it is possible to receive, from a MES system, the production orders. The machine calculates the order and returns it to the MES, with the real production executed.

Cold Plate

The cold plate in Teflon, maintains a constant temperature between -16/18°, The histological specimen is placed on this plate in prismatic form, and then inserted into the microtome (cutting system not managed by the bench) which performs the sectioning.

Cold plate 3D render of MWS Marconi

Hot Plate & Bath Spreader

The drying bath maintains a constant temperature of 42/43°C on which the sections of interest of the histological specimen are placed. These are taken with a histological slide and placed in the hot plate (39/40°C) to evaporate excess water.

Hot plate 3D render of MWS Marconi

Hdmi Touch Interface

Man/machine interface where are centralized in
REAL-TIME all the information concerning the process;
it is possible to parameterize all the process utilities, visualize the status of the utilities, the alarms and the system warnings

Touch interface 3D render of MWS Marconi

Residue aspiration

Sucks up scraps consisting of solid kerosene crumbs.
The suction filter is housed away from heat sources to avoid melting of the kerosene preventing damage to the motor system.

Industrial Controller

Latest generation process controller allowing both automation and high level data management through the latest protocols available on the market.



164 cm


161 cm


79 cm


200 kg

Tool Components

Adjustable monitor arm

Control Panel (HMI)

Spotlights lighting

Connections area and buttons

Safety reset button

Power on switch

Emergency button

Cold plate

Working area

Hot plate

Heated tub

Waste collection box

Kerosene flake box

Bench power supply

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